Zestful Zane

zane greyhoundZane – Adoption Pending!!!

Birth Date: 3/24/14

This larger boy is a lot of black and a little of white. He has a zig zag white lightning bolt on his back. A perfect thin white pencil stripe runs down his forehead between his eyes. Then there is this scarf-like mantle of white that covers his shoulders. Such a splendid looking male! He’s a bit ZANY too – like a dancer is zany. A black top hat and a spotlight would suit his beauty and personality. He has these quirky tap dance steps with his front paws. He seems a little awkward when he realizes how big he really is.

The name ZANE is Hebrew in origin and means “Gift from God”. People with this name are said to have a deep inner desire for a stable loving family. And so it is the same for our handsome boy Zane. He is super calm, friendly with people, and has a gentle spirit. He will lovingly focus on your face as you hold his head and look into his eyes. His eyes and body tell you there is a great BIG HEART inside that wants to go home with you, not in a sad way, but in a hopeful yearning way. He will walk into your home and into your life easily.

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