Valiant Vintage

vintage greyhoundVintage – Adoption Pending!

Birth Date: 3/3/2015

Like a fine vintage wine, with superior quality, that will just keep getting better with age, our boy Vintage will steal your HEART. In fact he already has 2 HEARTS! One he possesses inside his big body and the other he wears outside on the side of his coat. How can that be? Well he is a big white male with brindle cow patches, one being a natural design of a perfect large heart embedded on his side in his fur. He is our King of Hearts, a real nice regal, easy peasy guy. He is just so happy to please and is appreciative of your affection. Vintage especially loves his belly rubs, any type of cuddling, and mushy conversations. If all this doesn’t grab your interest than you must come and see his large brindle butterfly patch on his backside. What on earth was Nature thinking? She knew he was one of a kind……will fit into your big HEART….. and give you that “butterfly feeling” every time he wakes you up in the morning.


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  1. April bergman

    Omg! When is the next visitation! I was planning last time but had to work. I just received the email with his photos and I just had love at first sight! Please let me know!!

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