Spectacular Smidge

greyhound adoptionSmidge – ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Birth Date: 4/29/2016

Your Grandma probably knows her recipes by heart because vintage recipes weren’t so much about exact measurements. If you asked for the recipe the directions might have included, “A pinch of this and a smidgeon of that” because all she really had to do was taste it. A “smidgen” means – a little bit. Our Smidge is a little bit of a thing. But just like Grandma’s cooking, her
personality characteristics are a fine blended mix of enticing sweet and spicy ingredients. Spend some quality walking time with Smidge and she will additionally surprise you with how lovely she walks on a leash. Just like Grandma, she is very, very smart in an unassuming way. Smidge will memorize your command words as quick as Grandma memorized her recipes.
Greyhounds have many ways they express themselves with ear placements. Likewise they have several variations on their tail movements. Some have helicopter tails, happy tails, long hanging tails, curled upward or straight out tails. Our Smidge, Smidgy, Smidgeon (she responds to them all) has the wavy tail. If you watch a long sleek snake move in the grass you get the picture, only imagine that waving out in the air behind her back. We dare you to fall in
love with this tiny greyhound, who reminds you of Grandma, and takes off a hissin’ and a wavin’ into your heart.

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