Rollicking Rhythm

Greyhound rhythmRhythm – Fostered!

Birth Date: 7/4/2014   4th of July baby!

“The rhythm is gonna get you, the rhythm is gonna get you” says the song. Yes he will most definitely get to you with his rhythmic prancing. Stand back and admire how he prances with his curved tail held high. It is as if he is constantly ready for his break through photo shoot. This all black boy has the five S words down pat: sprightly, strong, soft-faced, sweet, and spectacular. This 4th of July born male LOVES the hose and water as much as he loves hugs and being chased. His smaller frame makes him easy to handle and he is already easy to please. The true gem of his personality was to discover he likes to talk. That’s right a chatterbox Greyhound can be yours!


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