Robust Rowan

rowan greyhoundRowan – Adoption Pending!!

Birth Date: 6/20/15

What a funny guy! He is a bit questioning as to how he wants to present himself, so he makes you laugh instead. Rowan and Martin from the classic TV show “Laugh In” come to mind. Rowan performs his own comedy shtick when he knows you are hiding treats on your person. He sniffs, he prods, he grabs, he opens, he devours in a fumbling routine all his own. All the while you can’t help but giggle because he is so persistent and funny while pursuing his holy grail.

Rowan is a handsome red pup with amazing ears and a baldy backside from lying in those kennels. He just loves to have that backside gently rubbed and lightly scratched because he wants that fuzzy hair growing back there again. He wants you to know, the sooner the better! A little more hair means a great deal to such a performer. Come on out to visit him to find out how his personality unveils and blossoms under our care. We are getting him ready for YOU!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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