Radiant Radar

greyhound adoptionRadar – ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Birth Date:06/04/2014

This little guy walked in and within moments UP went his amazing ears, like antennas, and boom, his name, RADAR, became clear and official! Radar is super sweet, charming, likes to explore and walk by your side. He also loves car rides and tunes into everything in sight! Radar is very inquisitive, really likes people, and will charm his way through most any situation.

He cat tested just fine but will need good supervision on lead as ALL greyhounds do, especially while adjusting to home life!

UPDATE– Radar spent some time in a home while he was healing from a boo-boo. Oh what a dreamy and delightful houndie! Someone is going to be a very lucky person!

Radar is being lovingly sponsored monthly by Julie Godfroy!


Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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