Quality Time with Faye and the Greys

faye shy greyhound

Sweet, shy and willing, Faye is a super sweet and sensitive young girl that needs a little extra love and attention. She really WANTS to be like all the other greys and get pets and attention. Sometimes she will come up to the front of the kennel and nudge or lick your hand. She is responsive to soft voices and doesn’t mind if you sit in her kennel or hang out with her in the yard. On a few occasions, she has “forgotten” that she is shy and will let you pet her head through the kennel door… then poof she remembers and scampers off! Faye is receptive to people wanting to assist her with her timidness.


What You Can Do


If you are already an RDRP Volunteer, schedule some time on the Keep & Share calendar and come out and be with Faye. You could also let our  Onsite Caregivers know via email or text.

Once here, you can put a chair in her kennel, read to her, talk to her or play games on your phone. You could also let her out the back kennel door and sit in the sun and let her do the same. Talk to her or throw a ball, she likes balls, and just enjoy the weather together!

1. Keep a calm voice and calm demeanor

2. Show confidence in all your movements

3. Don’t rush

4. Bribery (treats!)

5. Lots of praise, for every little thing

6. Enjoy spending time with a greyhound

Any of our greyhounds would honestly enjoy spending more quality time with nice people! Grooming, walking, reading, or just soft conversations, greyhounds love attention and it helps them acclimate and prepare for their furever homes!

Not a volunteer yet? Check out our Volunteer pages, and fill out an application! Our next Volunteer Orientation/Training is Nov. 4th from 1:30 – 3 pm!

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