Princess Pixie Dust

pixie greyhound adoptionPixie Dust — Adoption Pending

Birth Date: 7/17/2015

Are you the least bit superstitious – in a good way? Maybe you have a positive belief in fate? We believe the nature fairies must have had a hand in creating our special girl, Pixie Dust. How do we know? Well, we FEEL it! Just like the fabled pixie dust magical effect most experience an apparently magical effect from just stroking her. Will that bring you success or luck? One never truly knows until you try it. Pixie Dust is a tiny brindle female with brindle striping running down all four legs. The nature fairies have dusted the bridge of her nose with the cutest swatch of white fur. They sprinkled her with a loving disposition, making her very curious, and infused with lots of enthusiasm. Hurry and visit our pixie Greyhound to experience her aura for yourself. You just might walk away believing you have been showered with your very own Pixie Dust!


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