Positive thoughts for Brady

Brady Greyhound

Brady updateToday is surgery day! Had to take Brady back to find out what was causing some bleeding and swelling at one of the sites from his last surgery. X-rays show that 3 of the screws in the permanent plate have broken necessitating removal of that plate. So he has to undergo a third surgery to remove the remaining plate. That is scheduled for today June 29th. Keep him in your prayers more now than ever…he’s had a really tough time since March 3rd. They are also going to have to do a biopsy to see if anything else is going on….this is all very upsetting to all of us. Brady continues to be a super stoic boy and a joy to be around. Wish I had better news…. keep those loving and positive thoughts coming!


Good news, I think… I took Brady into the surgeon’s office this morning for what I thought was going to be yet another surgery…and when he saw how good Brady was doing and how his leg looks, he decided not to do the surgery and take a very conservative approach so he may continue to heal on his own. So Brady is back with the “bunch” and will be seen again and reevaluated on July 12th. Hopefully, he’ll continue his good progress and can avoid more surgery. ~ Geri

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