Peaceful Poe

poe greyhoundPoe – Adoption Pending!!!

Birth Date: 9/20/15

Our gal Poe, is Poe-try in motion when she thoughtfully positions her body with one paw held up in the air in a show pony stance. We welcome you to come take her out into one of our play areas and see if you can catch her in this pose. Her coloring is hard to classify since she is not fully fawn, red, black or white. She is most certainly a Greyhound but has the coat hair color of a classic German Shepard with tan, black, silver, cinnamon strands all threaded together.

In addition, her face color has the typical Shepard gradually shaded black nose and ears. This enigmatic Lady is a bit mysterious behind her shaded black mask. She is the mistress of groove and is unique in every way. Her ever big and curious eyes keeping searching through her kennel door (and from behind her mask) for someone special, someone to own her, someone for her to care for in a real home. In the meantime, she just passes the time away gazing lovingly and playing gently with her stuffed animal toys.

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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