Nice Nada

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Birth date: 06/19/15

If you are looking for a more tiny girl with a silky shiny coat and who is just plain NICE, it is Nada. She is a super smart princess and we love her like crazy. Like a princess she is hesitant
initially but will warm up to you when she gets to know you and her routine. There is a bit of mystery to her because she is careful in opening up her heart.There is this delicate feminine
face that will be a dignified, elegant, addition to your family. When unleashed in our fenced in area she walks around exploring on her own. You think she is lost in her own world but then she surprises you by checking back with you every now and then. Suddenly without much fuss she will return to her exploration endeavors. We can only guess she might be telling you not to worry – she hasn’t forgotten about you. Besides, she likes to know you are still there watching over her. That makes a whole lot of sense because she is sweet and kind.

“My name is Nada and the nice people at RDRP say I am a stunning and tiny little girl!  I need a lovely human to teach me how to get more comfy! Don’t you want to pet my soft fur?” ~ Nada

Come see me the 2nd Sunday of the month at our open house from 1-3 pm, or one of our Meet & Greets every Saturday!
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