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The Truths Held by the Big Cities. Systemic Values and Functions of the Truth in the Validation Mechanisms of the Urban Worlds

When we consider the urban world, truth can be understood and employed as either a value or systemic function. Here lie the very two limits of the systemic dynamics in terms of understanding-truth relationship. Firstly, I can very well take into consideration the truth understood as systemic value. And, under these premises, I should bring up the excessive ideological authority raised by this understanding approach to the truth at the system level. 

Systemic Dimensions of the Urban Consumer Behaviour

More and more we think and even more frequently represent the urban worlds in systemic terms. All sorts of claims, from strategic, political, social, and cultural to even psychosocial ones, insinuate into our discourses and carry their own load of particular themes and vocabularies. Words such as ecosystem, biopolitics, and resilience have become operative in our languages and they are no longer novelties in the issues raised in the debate about our urban worlds and our roles as consumers of the big cities.

Multidimensional Tendencies in Sustainable Development

International Conference “Multidimensional trends in sustainable development” – “Multidimensional tendencies in sustainable development”, first edition, 2023, is initiated by the Research Centre for Sustainable Rural Development of Romania within the Romanian Academy, Timisoara Branch.

Gust de Iasi.Press Release

The Rural Development Research Platform Association is launching the GustDeIași project (Building the GustDeIași.ro digital platform, in support of facilitating the access of consumers in the municipality of Iași to food products, directly from local and regional producers).

The touristic value of the archaeological site in the rural economy

On the occasion of the Crihana Veche Archaeological and Ethnographic Expedition 2017, within the Interdisciplinarity in Archeology Workshop, Codrin Dinu Vasiliu and Ioan Sebastian Brumă presented the communication The touristic value of the archaeological site in the rural economy.

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Satul este cea mai veche și singura alcătuire a vieții noastre organice

Cercetare, din nou despre terenuri, din nou despre satul romanesc. Revin cu emotie si entuziasm asupra unei teme de interes – utilizarea terenurilor agricole in Romania. Sa analizam date oficiale si sa observam evolutii, modificari, tendinte, initial din perspectiva statistica.

How to define Systems Thinking. A concept definition vs defining a way of understanding

Not long time ago I came to the idea that, if I want to understand what Systems Thinking is about, a definition is not enough. And because I am here in the land of thinking about systems, a definition of Systems Thinking may put this concept in its epistemological place, among the other sciences and theories, but it does not provide me with speculative tools to gain a critical understanding of Systems Thinking.