Mila Gets Her Home

adopted-mila greyhoundI am so happy to post this adoption!

Flying Mila Kunis a beautiful 3 year old brindle girl who RDRP saved from euthanasia when she was sent to the ER with a broken leg has found her forever home today. Mila’s leg had healed beautifully thanks to Dr Scott Rose and his staff and she has been lovingly fostered by Heather and Pete Koenig and their great kids and grey Chelsea.

Mila will be enjoying the good life with wonderful RDRP friends Paul Troccalino and Edit Fiebig of Estero and Canada. Mila met and loved their RDRP girl Val. Huge thanks to the Koenig family for doing an awesome job fostering Mila who was so afraid of tile and wood floors. She is one special girl.

Congratulations to Paul and Edit from all your friends at RDRP and please keep us posted with lots of pictures.

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