Jazmin Found Her Family

adopted-jaz greyhoundadopted-jaz greyhoundAnother greyt adoption today!

JN’s Evangelistic aka Jazmin, a beautiful almost 3 year old black girl was adopted today by the Schermerhorn family of Englewood. They met Jazmin at a recent open house and fell in love with her and she with them. Because their home has many steps, she had to go into a temporary foster home to recuperate from her spay until it was safe for her to climb steps. Because of awesome volunteers Terry Cox and hubby David, the transition will be easier for her. Terry and David and their grey girl Abby offered to foster Jazmin post op. We are so greytful to them for stepping up to foster her short term. We wish we could find more wonderful foster homes like theirs.
Won’t you consider fostering one of these beautiful greys? You can make a difference.

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