Hot Hounds Need Fans

greyhound fan donate

This has been a heck of a WET summer and the houndies have extra mosquitoes, moisture and heat in their kennels and barn.

We are wanting to purchase 9 new high velocity Canarm barn fans that will move enough air in each kennel to eliminate the problems. These fans are built for our type of building and will also help keep the greyhounds warmer in the winter months. Our current fans are on their last spin!

We also need controllers installed for the fans and 9 light fixtures to help with maintaining each houndie room when it gets dark earlier, plus a few electrical fixes and spruce ups.

Our goal is to raise 5k. Any amount you wish to donate will be greytly appreciated and benefit all 25 hounds!

or mail your donation to:

Racing Dog Retirement Project
PO Box 18153
Sarasota FL 34276

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