Harmonious Hope

hope greyhound flHope – ADOPTION PENDING!

Birth Date:05/12/2016

The year to come is full of hope and happy beginnings, and nothing is more hopeful than a sweet and adorable greyhound finding her forever home. We have high hopes for this beautiful YOUNG little girl and we just know that some lucky person will recognize all the love and wonder she will bring into their life. Hope is quaint, quiet and comfy. She loves to lie in the sphinx position and also curl up into a compact circle. Hope loves the sunshine and soft pets on her adorable face and ears.  There is a certain little way she walks and carries herself that is endearing, and she is so receptive to love that she will plop down and place herself at your feet while looking up at you hopefully. This little beauty is unbelievably sweet and exudes love.

Meet the Greyhounds the 2nd Sunday of every month at our Open House from 1-3 pm. See the event calendar for more information.
Please read our Adoption Process and fill out our Adoption Application prior to coming if you are serious about adopting.

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