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This article is just to GREYT not to share! If you have ever wondered what your greyhounds verbal or body language might mean, or if you are a volunteer, this is a must read!

What is my greyhound trying to tell me?

By Marcia Herman

Tucker is telling me something....

Tucker is telling me something….Tucker was one of the most expressive hounds we’ve ever had. In this photo he successfully let me know what was in his mind at the time. Do you have such a greyhound? I bet you do! © Marcia Herman

This article is written in three sections. The first deals with vocalization, the second with how Greyhounds express themselves with eyes, lips, mouth and other parts of their lovely anatomies, and the third with overall posture and body language. It is slightly different from that of “other” dogs.


Your Greyhound is like other dogs in most ways, but there are certain things Greyhounds do or “say” that other dogs may not. When I write “say,” I mean just that. Greyhounds often vocalize. This behavior is sometimes puzzling, if not downright frightening, to many new Greyhound adopters. The Vocalization section of this article describes the various sounds Greyhounds make and then explains what your dog is trying to tell you. “He” and “she” are used throughout this article because we love both sexes!

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  1. RoaringRed

    I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated this article. I just thought that my greyhound was especially unique, but it is very intriguing to know that all greyhounds are just as special in their body language and communication. I loved learning that when I thought my dog was smiling, I wasn’t just making it up in my head. Turns out, they actually DO smile! 🙂

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