Grand Graham

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Birth date:3/4/2014

This large strong male is very impressive in his stature and personality. He is regal, grand and seriously soft . He is responsive to praise, kindness and love. His easy going and rather subdued demeanor make this gorgeous guy a wonderful greyhound to be proud to have at your side. His warm fawn coat is reminiscent of that comforting Graham Cracker you may have enjoyed as a kid.

Our Graham is certain to provide you with years of comfort, joy and unending loyalty.

Ideal home for Graham-

Graham needs a calm understanding home and should be with a previous greyhound owner. He is territorial with his food so he should not eat near other dogs. He is a very good sensitive boy and will thrive and be your best love ever when he knows he is loved.

Graham passed his cat test!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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