Go Green for the Greyhounds

green organic greyhounds

We are trying to create the healthiest and safest environment possible for our greyhounds as they wait for their forever homes! We are ditching the harsh and often toxic chemicals and going greenorganic – toxin free with economical & safe options!! It will add some time to our twice a day cleaning regime, HINT= VOLUNTEERS NEEDED & LOVED, but it will be worth it to ensure all of our beautiful houndies have the best living environments they can inside and out.

I like to think of each kennel space as their safe and special apartment. We keep their floors, walls, beds, and toys top notch just as we would do for ourselves. Their outdoor runs also need to be free of harmful chemicals and airborne toxins from chemical substances. Their yards are being treated with natural essential oils and toxin free products that keep the mosquito population down (no easy task with all the rain!). Our greyhounds well being matter! We are also looking for ideas & info on products that are GREYT that we might benefit from learning about!

We are asking for your support in donating supplies on our Wish List. As a Non-Profit Organization, we depend on GREYT folks like you to keep RDRP the most awesome place that it is for greyhounds!

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