Energetic Eagle

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Birth date: 09/26/14

Her amazing coat is so different than any others. It is almost as if she has every unique Greyhound marking in her fur. It is partially white, with some colored patches, along with brindle
stripes and beautifully appointed brindle ticking marks. After she stretches her legs after a nice rest she likes to burn off energy before a nice walk. If you like to go on vigorous walks she’s
your gal. She will definitely turn some heads in your neighborhood. It is evident there is a great spirit deep inside her that no one can diminish. And why would you? Life loves Eagle and Eagle loves life! She will encourage you to get up off “her couch” (she will be a couch potato sometimes) and move yourself outdoors to discover the healthy benefits of walking and playing. Most likely she will race around like she owns the place because she loves company and new adventures. Just give in and let her last “official” race be into your life.

“My beautiful coat white with brindle ticking makes me unique and a real looker. I think we will turn heads when we are out enjoying our walks in my new neighborhood! Boy oh boy, I just can’t wait! This girl is so available.” ~ Eagle

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