Dashing Dorian Grey

Dorian Grey Hound FloridaDorian – ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Birth Date:04/29/2016

Let us paint a word portrait for you of Dorian Grey-Hound. He is truly a work of art and has timeless characteristics in his own Greyhound way. For example, the way his wider brindle markings (shaped as arrow heads) strewn across his back, move ever so slightly when he walks. The way his exquisite Adonis face poses for a gallery of onlookers. And best of all is the way he ambles alongside you (without a leash) enjoying the human presence you bring into his aura. One always needs to keep a leash on a Greyhound when outside a fenced area. In an enclosed area many Greyhounds enjoy doing “their own thing”. But Dorian instantly becomes your shadow without hugging your side. He is devastatingly handsome. This deep red colored brindle boy is highly responsive when you call out his name and then call him to come to you. He is acutely smart making everyone wonder how he seems to know so much, especially since he is quite young. No longer just a racing number, he responds to his name. Dorian is gentle and sweet and follows you where ever you go as he imagines being forever young and forever loved.

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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