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Open Innovation Ecosystem

A thriving innovation ecosystem typically includes people, resources, environment, incentives

The following definition: An innovation ecosystem is the evolving set of actors, activities, and artifacts, and the institutions and relations, including complementary and substitute relations, that are important for the innovative performance of an actor or a population of actors. (Ove Granstrand, Marcus Holgersson)
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The innovation ecosystem is the term used to describe the large and diverse array of participants and resources that contribute to and are necessary for ongoing innovation in a modern economy. (Georgia Center of Innovation)

An innovation ecosystem is an interconnected network of organizations, businesses, and other entities that share capabilities, knowledge, skills, or technologies to collaborate on developing new products and services. It comprises stakeholders such as technology providers, universities, research foundations and institutions, venture capitalists (VCs), business accelerators and incubators, government agencies, and public-private partnerships. (Innovolo)

The primary aim of an innovation ecosystem is to create a supportive environment for innovators to develop their ideas into commercially viable products or services with the help of resources like capital funding, mentoring networks, prototyping facilities etc. The concept of an innovation ecosystem has been around since 1993, when scientist Michael Moore first coined the phrase in his book “Crossing the Chasm”. (Innovolo)




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It is now widely recognised that achieving and sustaining any development outcome depends on the ability of multiple and interconnected actors – governments, civil society, the private sector, universities, individual entrepreneurs, and others – to work together effectively. Each set of interconnected actors whose collective actions produce a particular development outcome is a local system (or ‘ecosystem’). Improving that development outcome therefore requires an ecosystem approach. (The International Development Innovation Alliance – IDIA)

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