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Collaborative intelligence

A system where has collaborative intelligence when multi-agent are contributing to its problem solving network.

“Humans can no longer afford to think in division and darkness. Collaborative intelligence is the light that is necessary for our individual and collective survival. We have no choice now but to think together.” ― Dawna Markova
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Collaborative intelligence, or CQ, is a measure of our ability to think with others on behalf of what matters to us all. (Dawna Markova)

When asked about their biggest challenges at work, Markova and McArthur’s clients all cite a common problem: other people. This response reflects the way we have been taught to focus on the gulfs between us rather than valuing our intellectual diversity—that is, how each of us is uniquely gifted; how we process information and frame questions; what kind of things deplete us, and what engages and inspires us. – (Nasser ElSaber)

David Coleman presents the main Collaborative Intelligence components:

  • Self Awareness — how well do you understand your own emotions?
  • Self Management — is about your ability to control your emotions. Do you react or respond?
  • Social Awareness — your organizational awareness, focus on service and level of empathy, taking feedback and taking personal responsibility.
  • Relationship Management — developing others, serving as an inspiring leader and catalyst for change, collaborating with a high-performing team and managing conflict are part of relationship management.




Concept Coordinates

  • Wikipedia, one of the most popular websites on the Internet, is an exemplar of an innovation network manifesting distributed collaborative intelligence that illustrates principles for experimental business laboratories and start-up accelerators. (Wikipedia)
  • The most significant danger is that we can’t think with those who think differently or don’t know how to think with those who think differently. As we are different, Thinking Diversity is the one important thing you should look at, when communicating with others, but often we do not. (Nasser ElSaber)

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