Knowledge Networking in Food Systems from the North-East Development Region of Romania

We participated in the national conference Vectors of Rural Development in the North-Eastern Region of Romania, Sustainable Agro-food Systems, and presented a model of good practices in terms of collaboration and co-interest of the stakeholders in the agrifood systems from the North-East Development Region of Romania. The methodology engaged here is based on a systemic approach, namely a model of quadruple helix collaboration and knowledge management focused on the mutual endeavor of identifying specific issues and possible solutions.

The Truths Held by the Big Cities. Systemic Values and Functions of the Truth in the Validation Mechanisms of the Urban Worlds

When we consider the urban world, truth can be understood and employed as either a value or systemic function. Here lie the very two limits of the systemic dynamics in terms of understanding-truth relationship. Firstly, I can very well take into consideration the truth understood as systemic value. And, under these premises, I should bring up the excessive ideological authority raised by this understanding approach to the truth at the system level. 

Systemic Dimensions of the Urban Consumer Behaviour

More and more we think and even more frequently represent the urban worlds in systemic terms. All sorts of claims, from strategic, political, social, and cultural to even psychosocial ones, insinuate into our discourses and carry their own load of particular themes and vocabularies. Words such as ecosystem, biopolitics, and resilience have become operative in our languages and they are no longer novelties in the issues raised in the debate about our urban worlds and our roles as consumers of the big cities.