Brady Is Ready

Wonderful news about Brady!

Brady had his neuter, dental, etc. done today. All went extremely well and he is showing off his pearly white teeth. After checking out a new squeaky toy and meeting his 4 temporary housemates, it was decided Brady needed to retire to his crate and rest. Not an easy task to get him into his big crate but he finally cooperated.

In about 10 to 12 days he will be ready to go to his forever home…so if someone out there wants to provide Brady with a loving home, please go to our web site, and file an adoption application.

All the folks who have met Brady at his various vet offices tell us what a sweet, gentle eager to please boy he is. Apparently he was giving kisses out at The Ranch AH today. We cannot express our gratitude enough to everyone involved in getting Brady to this point. He uses his leg well and will hopefully continue to heal even more.

Let’s get this special and beautiful boy the furever home he deserves!


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