Bewitching Bram

bram greyhoundBram (Stoker) – Adoped! 

Birth Date: 2/16/2016

This is undeniably quite an unusual name for a greyhound. Most people are reminded, when they first hear it, of the author Bram Stoker. He is best known for writing the classic novel, “Dracula. Aside from that, Bram The Greyhound, is quite striking in his own way. He is a very young (not quite 18 months) smaller male cloaked in a robust red fur. He sports a small white heart under his chin. His tail is alternately striped in tan and black and ends with a black tip. His coat then surprises you with those dashing ticking spots under his belly and on his back thighs.There is this very dramatic look about him because he has theatrical black kohl-lined eyes. To top that off he owns a widow’s peak of fur on his forehead. Though he has a kind of “vampire” look to him, his personality is sweeter than honey. We are enjoying spoofing on his name – Count Chocula, Grampa Munster, The Count (Sesame Street) and he will answer to all of them.

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