Animal Shelters for Harvey

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As the Houston area braces for another possible downpour courtesy of Hurricane Harvey, not only are people in need, the animals in the area are also in need of support. At this time, financial support is the most important because their capacity for storing any donated items is minimal. If anyone would like to donate money, the following list shows shelters within the hardest hit areas.

Fort Bend County Animal Services (Richmond and Rosenberg, Texas)

Harris County VPH (Friends of County Pets)

BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions

Rescued Pets Movement

Humane Society of Aransas County

Gulf Coast Humane Society

SPCA of Brazoria County

Humane Society of Southeast Texas

Westbury CARE (Westbury Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts)

Wharton City Animal Shelter

Texas Litter Control

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