Adorable Anderson

Dandy Anderson “Andy”

Birth Date: 2/21/16

Our very young, medium size, white and brindle fellow comes by his name quite naturally. He was named for Hans Christian Anderson, who is best remembered for authoring fairy tales. Our very young boy Anderson’s story is a fairy tale of itself. He arrived at our adoption center with a badly broken leg. It was painful to look at and had to be even more painful for him to endure. Despite his injury he enthralled us with….well everything about him! As we carefully handled him with the softest of hands he returned to us the softest heart. He was kind, warm, and inviting. The words of the author’s fairy tales are embedded with lessons of virtue that have inspired many as he wrote about overcoming difficulties and childhood. Our guy Anderson is a canine child who is determined to heal and overcome a difficult surgery that repaired his leg with plates and screws. He will make the most adorable and most appreciative family member. You will be inspired by him as you watch his fairy tale life evolve marked by real beauty and luck and then end in perfection and happiness.

Andy’s leg is completely healed and just GREYT!

What a loving, good natured and fun fella he is, and he has the patience of a Saint.

He is a real doll and has a TON of personality and love to give! Andy would do very well with a family with older children as he LOVES to play, or a younger couple that would like to spend time with an amazing greyhound. From the tip of his nose to his curl on his tail, this guy is simply outstanding! Dandy Andy is READY TO GO!!!!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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Anderson is being lovingly sponsored by Kim Long

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