About Greyhounds

About Greyhounds

From the RDRP website.

greyhound-aboutThese retired racers are very intelligent, adaptable dogs that can easily fit into a new environment following a brief adjustment period. They are eager to please and respond positively to any attention given them. They quickly become attached to their new families!

The majority of retired track Greyhounds are quiet, clean, good-natured, gentle dogs who get along well with other animals and older children. They seem grateful for their new homes and reward their new families with unending affection. They do not require a great deal of space to run, as many people assume and they are usually quite content to curl up on a soft rug, blanket or, if allowed, a sofa!

Contrary to popular belief, retired racing greyhounds do not require vigorous running activity. Leash walks are typically just fine. They do work well on a leash and are comfortable in a crate, but often would prefer your couch! When they do get in a good run, they are a burst of speed, where they can often reach 40 MPH in a few strides, but will cool down and nap for some time after. Greyhounds are sight hounds and were trained to chase small furry toys. Read the full article here…

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