Zonk Adopted

adopted-ace greyhoundApril is greyhound adoption month and here is another very special adoption.

Z Zonk Zucchini, a gorgeous 3 year old white and brindle boy, was adopted yesterday by two of our newest volunteers. Joe and Monica Veto, who have a beautiful fawn girl named Babs, have a new family member. “Ace” has found his forever home with this very special couple who have joined our RDRP family and continue to be an integral part of RDRP’s mission.

Joe is our “go to guy” for tips on working not only with our kennel dogs but also adopters who have asked for training tips and help. Again, because of volunteers like Joe and Monica, RDRP is the best!!

ace-babs greyhoundsBabs swipes Ace’s new bed… adorable siblings off to a GREYT relationship!


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