Zealous Zonk

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zonk greyhoundZonk –  (Z Zonk Zucchini)

Birth date: 10/09/13

Large white male with striking patches of brindle. Sweet as can be and so easy to walk. Loves to look deep into your eyes and just pause there for awhile. Walks tightly along side of you with
no pull on his leash. He desires to touch your thigh when walking just to let you know he is conscious of you giving up time to take him on a walk. For being such a big guy he is not pushy but instead mellow and well-mannered

“Let me tell you this, with a name like Z Zonk Zucchini I was certain to have an “interesting” start to my life! I like the new name my friends at RDRP gave me, Zonk. It is kind of snappy don’t you think? I am a handsome tall gentle giant… that’s what I heard them say to describe me. I actually never ran a race! I guess I have just been waiting to be at this nice Adoption Center so I can finally prepare to get my furever home!!! I am super excited and know that there is a terrific human out there that will become my very own.” ~ Zonk

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