Welcome to RDRP Volunteer Training Page


Here are some of the things you get to do
for our amazing Retired Racers as a volunteer.

At RDRP we believe all beings need and feel love. So, we take the time it takes to form a bond with them. Every moment of human contact brings them one step closer to their… FURever Homes. At RDRP we believe in feeding both their bellies and their hearts.

All RDRP volunteers are valued, appreciated and loved!!!

There are many “chores” do be done during the day, but if you love it,
it’s not work… especially if you are doing something vital
for someone else’s benefit.

Please, enjoy this morning feeding routine with Lori & Mark at the Adoption Center with 25 Greyhounds.


Feeding Procedure

  • Food pails are located in feed room on cart, food is in can on counter with measuring cups inside marked Boys & Girls
  • Keep feed room door closed at all times
  • Food Can holds 1 bag of Fromm, if at bottom of can, refill
  • Girls = 1 ½ cups + 3 count pour from water jug
  • Boys = 1 ¾ cups + 4 count pour from water jug
  • Check Whiteboard for medicine or special dietary needs. Administer & record on medicine on clipboard next to Whiteboard
  • Mark pails for hounds with meds or special dietary needs before leaving feed room – Feed these hounds first
  • Feed hounds in kennel order to avoid confusion
  • Spend a moment patting their head
  • Wait for them to finish eating. If some don’t, leave the food until just before you leave
  • Pick up pails and spend a few minutes in each kennel giving the hounds a much needed moment of your time
  • Return pails to cart, then laundry room
  • Wash then set pails upside down on towel over dryer to dry
  • Sweep main floor in barn
  • Tidy up laundry room
  • Recover any slow eater’s pail and wash
  • Return pails to cart and cart to feeding room
  • Make sure feeding room is tidy and clean

** Remember Sharing Food is Sharing Parasites**
All uneaten food to be bagged and put in outside trash

Volunteering at RDRP is so rewarding.
Greyhounds are simply… the most appreciative beings, we’ve ever known.
One of the many reasons we do this.

It is important to know that when you are cleaning their kennel, you’re cleaning their home. Take the time to do a good job and make sure you’re paying attention to the hound while working. Be respectful of their space and watch over them. Enjoy your time. Take as much time as you need for each hound. Just make sure you spend time loving them. You can pause before you start, you can stop working for a moment and pay attention… just make sure you’re feeding their heart while you’re cleaning their house.

Please enjoy this “chore” we do!


Inside Kennel Cleaning

AM – ALL kennels need cleaned. PM – Clean as needed.
Examine kennel to see what’s needed & check for safety too.
Kennels should be free from debris, urine/poo, toys clean and in good shape, beds clean,
& sprayed with Bronner’s for mosquito control.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide full strength in blue wrapped spray bottle on stream, never spray.
  • White Vinegar ¾ to ¼ water in spray bottle on stream, never spray.
  • Dr. Bronner’s Lavender 1/8th tsp in spray bottle fill to top with water
  • Baking soda
  • Mop pail & mop
  • Small bucket with water and washcloth
  • Broom & dustpan
  • Treats
  • ** It takes 1 – 2 quarts peroxide for 25 kennels AM shift & 1 full spray bottle vinegar**

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to handle large dogs
  • Maneuver a mop pail & mop
  • Bending


  1. Enter kennel with broom, latch door behind, greet and pet greyhound
  2. Sweep floor & then leave with broom/pan
  3. Enter kennel with peroxide & vinegar bottle, latch door behind
  4. Spray close to floor generous streams of peroxide on urine stains
  5. Spray close to floor generous stream of vinegar on most of floor
  6. Collect Dr. Bronner’s & pail/cloth then latch door behind
  7. Give hound a treat to remove from bed (if on)
  8. Set bed up against wall, lightly spray Dr. Bronner’s
  9. Wipe down front/back/posts, with damp cloth
  10. Return bed towards front of kennel
  11. Spray walls with Dr. Bronner’s Lavender (low to avoid hounds inhaling spray)
  12. Set bucket/cleaning supplies outside
  13. Mop entire floor with a little baking soda in water
  14. Remove soiled toys and exit
  15. Replace toys with clean ones
  16. Sweep areas in front of kennels to remove debris & dead bugs

IF you are concerned about working with hound in kennel, toss toy out into run and place bed over doorway until finished. Always latch inside door.


Here’s Lori showing you outside kennel cleaning!

Outside Kennel Cleaning


  • Bleach sprayer outside ¼ cup per gallon (sprayer is 2 gallon max)
  • Poop scoop
  • Hose
  • Treats

**Note – AM team**
Use about 1.5 to 2 gallons minimum spray solution for boys side w/ 16 dogs,
and around 1 gallon on girls side.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to handle large dogs
  • Carry 1 gallon sprayer
  • Bending


  1. Take note to ensure all pen gates are closed.
  2. Remove any balls in yard & place out of reach of pups.
  3. Gather sprayer/hose/scooper
  4. Greet and pet greyhound and let out. Place sprayer & hose inside, scoop poop
  5. Take scooper set to the right of next kennel for next pup & out of the way of bleach water.
  6. Return to kennel shut & latch door (hound MUST remain outside for entire cleaning)
  7. Clean Kennel Floor
    AM – Spray entire kennel floor with bleach, extra on poo/pee areas. Keep sprayer low as to not enter neighbors kennel.
    PM – Spray and clean soiled areas
  8. Water Pails
    AM – Dump water pail and rinse out completely, then fill full.
    PM – Please dump & fill pails with fresh water IF water is warm or dirty, if not, top off to top
    **Please do not move pails to different location.
  9. Hard spray out kennel floor being mindful of neighbors.
  10. Call hound, show them treat, say “treat” and “kennel up” give treat, close and latch door.
  11. Walk the yard and scoop up all poo
  12. Dump poo in far container w/ blue solution being mindful NOT to get poo all over sides. No bleach on scooper it kills blue.
  13. Hard rinse off scooper/paddle and return. Place hose nozzle over holder.



Thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of theirs
Without you, there is no us.