Vivid Vaughn

Vaughn greyhoundVaughn

Birth Date: 5/17/2015

Vaughn the Fawn? Well……..almost! In the beginning Vaughn came to us resembling a fawn coated Greyhound, an interestingly “fuzzy coated” light color fawn. After a few weeks of heavy grooming we discovered his undercoat was much more a RED fawn. Today his true color has surfaced more prominently. Greyhound personalities can range from very independent to being like Velcro to your side. This happy boy is affectionate to the nth’ degree and is very much the cuddly type. Vaughn is a playful, sweet, carefree and easy going guy with lots to offer. He is ever eager to lean on your leg or walk through your legs for some full body contact love. He is definitely ready to go and become your newest family member. Vaughn the RED Fawn will just mesmerize you with his super dreamy eyes into adopting him. Those eyes of his speak volumes about his yearning to have a family of his very own.


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