Touching Twilight

Twilight GreyhoundTwilight

Birth Date: 9/23/2016

“You are about to enter another dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.” (opener from the 1960’s TV show, The Twilight Zone). That’s a zone you experience around our affectionately nicknamed “Twilight Zone”. She gets completely entranced with being outdoors, staring off into the distance, zoning in on the birds, bugs, and critters. So you can’t help but enter that dimension of sight and sound along with her. Your mind then shifts to her slim and sleek runway model-like body. Her runway is the play area fence perimeter. Her runway walk is classic, picking up her legs, chin down, taking strides with confidence, no hunching for her! She is perky and polite, loves her treats, and always has a sunny personality. March right over to her kennel, let her out for a runway walk, and let her show off her black beauty and the splash of white fur on her neck and tip of her tail. Every time she enters the Play Area it is Fashion Season for her in the Twilight Zone!


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