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Graceful Gavin

Gavin – Adoption Pending!  Birth Date:9/12/2015 We bet you haven’t thought of coming to the center looking particularly for a “long-legged” male. Aren’t racing Greyhounds all long-legged you ask? Well yes, but Gavin is MORE long-legged. He is also strong, … can you buy propecia in canada

Brady Update March 27

Brady went back to Dr.Kirsch this morning. He’s doing well and had all the stitches from his surgery removed. The two sore spots have healed as well. He’s sporting a,new cast and is scheduled for his next follow up on … buy propecia ebay

Auditioning for Foster Placement

Auditioning or foster placement! Here we have our very own PAWsome volunteers Megan & Ken working with adorable adoptable Petey and Megan’s sweet Norman to see if these boys will get along for a foster placement. Safety is always first … buy propecia hong kong

Volunteers and CC

Greyhounds & Volunteers are Special! Awesome volunteers Ken, Terry, and Elaine spending some extra time with our very special CC. He is having a ruff time with his tail as he injured it and now we found out it is also … buy propecia in australia

Blackie and His Cute Tail

Blackie is ready! Here’s a photo taken this morning of Blackie, who turned 2 in April. He had his stitches out this morning and looks greyt. Tail has healed nicely thanks to the TLC of the LWR Animal Hospital (especially … Continued

Foster A Greyhound

Here is a good article about the importance and rewards of fostering a greyhound. Foster a Greyhound You are about to enter the stage of fostering greyhounds! The purpose of fostering a greyhound is to ready the greyhound for family … Continued

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