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Charming Chase

Chase Birth date: 4/18/15 This guy is a blur of red. What is a blur of red you ask? Think of a Greyhound in a reddish corvette body, sleek curves in a frame built with aerodynamics in mind, and he … where do you buy your propecia

New Kidz

We have many new and amazing greys coming into the Adoption Center, as well as the sweethearts that have been with us for awhile! They will all need the tender & loving care of our exceptional volunteers and foster families! … buy propecia forum

Holiday Open House

Meet our amazing greyhounds and the volunteers that care for them! RDRP monthly Open House is 12/11/16 from 1-3pm. What a GREYT opportunity to learn how to enrich and enhance the lives of the retired greyhound and your own! If … propecia hair buy

Auditioning for Foster Placement

Auditioning or foster placement! Here we have our very own PAWsome volunteers Megan & Ken working with adorable adoptable Petey and Megan’s sweet Norman to see if these boys will get along for a foster placement. Safety is always first … how to buy propecia finasteride online

Greyhound Waiting

Oh what a life. Can you imagine not knowing what happens next? Wondering if there is more? The life of a greyhound waiting for his or her forever home is often long, lonely and uncertain. People come and go… and … where is the cheapest place to buy propecia

Foster A Greyhound

Here is a good article about the importance and rewards of fostering a greyhound. Foster a Greyhound You are about to enter the stage of fostering greyhounds! The purpose of fostering a greyhound is to ready the greyhound for family … can you buy propecia in uk

Greyhound Fostering

Do you have room for me? If you think you wouldn’t be suitable as a foster family, think again! Remember, even if you try it once and decide that it’s not for you, then that’s one life that you’ve been directly … legit websites to buy propecia

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