Kennel Wish List

We have a continual need for the following items in the care-taking efforts of our Greyhounds.

Dog treats -we have a Buy -A-Biscuit program. Every donated $ helps buy the kids nutritious treats. We buy a specific brand of treats that compliment their Fromm diet for optimal health and digestion. Please do not bring treats/biscuits/bones/dehydrated treats to the Adoption Center as they would upset tummy’s and bowels.

Trash bags (kitchen and yard sizes)


Clorox Urine Remover is the bomb!

Cleaning solution (we’re using Fabuloso)

Paper towels

Bottled water (for volunteers)

New or gently used stuffed toys

Crates (we could always use some for foster dogs or newly-adopted dogs)

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Antibacterial Wipes

Towels (new or used, as long as they are clean)

Cotton swabs

Hound gloves (wire brushes that are used on long-haired dogs are not appropriate for Greyhounds)

Nail trimmers


*Currently have enough- Laundry detergent (need both kinds… for top loader and front-loader washers. The front-loader requires detergent with “HE” or High Efficiency designation)