Shining Star


Birth date: 4/18/15

Lap Dog Alert!

A “star” was born on April 20, 2014. A beautiful brindle she is…..right down to the tip of her tail. She is so utterly lovable and delicate in structure and demeanor. There is this unique brindle stripe from the top of her head to her nose that just highlights the perfect symmetry of each side of her face. Oh how she thrives on human touch and affection. Star craves your undivided attention to “star gazing” at her. She is one of those true Velcro girls wanting to stand right by your side. Even off leash in the play areas she walks beside her volunteer as if there is an invisible leash tethering her to her walking companion.

Come see me the 2nd Sunday of the month at our Open House from 1-3 pm. See the event calendar for more information.

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