Perky Petite Pepper

pepper greyhoundPepper – Adoption Pending

Birth Date: 4/7/2015

Here is a case where you can pass the Pepper over without passing the Salt. Pepper stands alone this time as a mighty fine lap dog. She is a small black female with quite a shiny coat. Her dainty back paws appear to have been dipped in white whipped cream. A white stripe glides down her neck. Along with that stripe is cleverly appointed ticking spots that she wears like nature’s Greyhound jewelry. Don’t let her snoozing in your lap fool you because that little girl can really move being playful too! We never had such a beauty, that when you bend down to say hello to her, she places her head on your shoulder and nuzzles it next to your neck. If she gets close enough you can feel a slight tickle from the loveliest kind of feminine face. You must come and let her entrance you with her remarkable affection.


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