Loving London

london greyhoundLondon

Birth Date: 9/18/2015

“London Bridge is falling down”and London’s ears keep falling down. They keep falling down  over and over again. This big fawn, sophisticated male, just can’t keep those ears up. Actually he is intentionally sending a “Cuteness Alert” out to visitors. So run here -you have got to see this! On second thought, you can just take a leisurely drive out to the the adoption center to see this happen because he does it all the time. These folded over ears flop into a regal bow tie on top of his head. Most breeds of dogs have a set of predictable ears. But you can expect over 10 variations of ear placements from Greyhounds. His exaggerated ear movements indicate his superior alertness. That is why he is hanging out in kennel #1, closest to the gate door, for he sees everything first, and his ears signal an alert to us. While his ears are signaling all over the place, check out how amazing the rest of him is to ponder. What he really enjoys is taking a walk with a significant human. This big boy walks like a dream on a leash,tall and close to your thigh. He craves human companionship and will be your loyal fan. If there ever was a big fellow (with quirky ears), filled with sweetness on the inside and softness on the outside, it is London….whose ears keep falling down.


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