Fabulous Faye

Faye – FOSTERED & Thriving!!!

Birth Date:10/11/2015

This softhearted and sweet little girl has been here for awhile, October 10th, 2017. She arrived fearful and worrisome of everything. She has since become willing and desirous of learning to trust. She is actually quite playful, even mischievous in a fun way. She loves to run and play hide & seek and other games. On a daily basis, she insists that the last 20-32 pieces of kibble in her pail be placed out on her bed to finish. She is reminiscent of the childhood tale, Henny Penny, as she is always aware of what is above her and looks often! She loves routine.

She has a heart of gold, is super gentle, and allows a few of the volunteers to sit on her bed and gently stroke her soft head and face. She will come close and sniff your face and hair. Faye will come close for small treats and soft voices and enjoys these interactions. She is just now learning to walk on lead around the inside of the pens and occasionally out of the Adoption Center on the grounds for a very short time.

UPDATE!!! Faye is thriving in her awesome foster home and is loving every moment! WOW~ this beautiful fawn is loving life, people, her greyhound pal Chelsea and just can’t seem to grow fast enough!


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