Captivating Cameron


Birth Date: 04/16/2014

This fellow has the cutest little “Harry Potter-esque” scar over his right eye and he is a very magical boy. Like Harry, he was taken in by caretakers who had his best interest at heart and helped him become the amazing and magical being that he is! He will look deep into your soul with his intense eyes and quirky grin! Cameron is strong  with a warm caramel color bunny-soft coat with just a dusting of white on his toes, nose, and tip. There’s this deep look of intelligence on his face coupled with very wise eyes of understanding.

He has the cutest roo. He’ll start off soft and melodic like a crooner and slowly build into a mesmerizing and haunting song that gets the rest of the houndies joining in. We also call him ROOster and kangaROO as he has this adorable way of tucking his front paws underneath his chest. Cameron is looking forward to creating magic with his forever family!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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