Captivating Cameron

cameron greyhound adoption floridaCameron

Birth Date: 04/16/2014

Reserved (but not shy) he is a big fawn male. First thing you notice is his striking military-like stance. He has obviously been working out due to those mighty fine muscles and that lean physique. Our boy is a strong guy and a mesmerizing carmel color with just a dusting of chic. There’s this deep look of intelligence on his face coupled with eyes that stab you with authority, an all-knowing persona of understanding. He is one we wish he could talk English with us to tell us what he has experienced and assessed. His regal bearing personality reminds us of a confident Five Star General. Cameron is looking forward to his future with a parent or family that he can retire from duty with. You may just be the one who can offer him positive memories “in the field” while “on your home base” or even on a vacation “deployment”. We are
convinced he will have YOU trained in no time at all so you know exactly how to report to duty to HIM. Interested? Just take a furlough and come here to spy on him from “thirteen hundred hours to fifteen hundred hours” at our adoption center on the second Sunday of any month.

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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