The First Seven Days

adopting_a_rescue_dogAdopting a Shelter Dog – the First Seven Days, a FREE E-Book by Dr. Susan Wright and Misty Weaver (made available to RDRP, compliments of the authors)

A cool resource on adoption that might be helpful to you and your family as you bring a new dog into your lives.

The authors interviewed a lot of shelter personnel and heard that a big problem is helping less experienced dog owners get started on the right foot with their adoption. They wanted to try and do something to help, so they recently wrote a book, “Adopting A Shelter Dog – The First Seven Days.”

This 100-page book (co-authored with an experienced Veterinarian) shares tips and information on how potential owners can effectively prepare their home and themselves and ease the transition from shelter to home. It also has some really great stories from real adopters sharing the trials and the joys of bringing a rescue dog into their family.

The book is designed to help potential adopters realize how rewarding adopting a rescue dog can be and to help make adoption a bit easier. It can be challenging at times but the overall experience is incredibly satisfying.

Click on the link above, or CLICK HERE to view the free e-book.

Favorite topics in the book:

* A Month Before You Adopt
* Preparing Your Home
* Introducing Your Dog To Your Home
* Real Tips/Stories From Owners
* Training
* Socializing
* Healthcare